Welcome to SapNaz Students!

SapNaz Students is our middle and high school ministry. Our goal is to create environments where students are encouraged to make wise choices, positively influence their friends, and experience personal ministry through serving others.

Wednesdays @6:30pm

Wednesday is the primary gathering time for SapNaz Students. We hang out, play games, watch ridiculous videos, give away free stuff, and worship a living God. We also take time to hear from God as we listen to stories from the Bible and spend time in small groups. We would love to see you be apart of what we are doing.
Wednesday Night Bus Routes-
We have several Wednesday night routes for high school and middle school students that run within Sapulpa city limits. We stop at individual houses and apartment complexes. Siblings five years old and older (completed kindergarten) can ride the bus without parental supervision if the Kids Bus Registration Form is signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Sundays @9:30am

We believe that the Bible isn’t just relevant to our lives, but that the very words of God come alive through it. Sunday mornings we gather together to dig deep into the words of a living God. We ask questions, we have conversations, we wonder, we meditate on what God has for us. We would love to see you be apart of this journey into God’s heart for our world.


Facebook: @sapnazstudents
Instagram: @sapnazstudents 


Stay connected throughout the week!
The best way to communicate with us is through email or text. If you choose to call and leave a message, we may not be able to respond as quickly because we are always on the move. 

Rules of Conduct

  • While riding the bus/van: no parts of your body or personal belongings (heads, hands, or stuff) may be out the windows. Everybody must be seated, buckled whenever possible, and refrain using loud speech.
  • When you choose to attend, we expect you to participate and you must go to class.
  • We have adopted a zero tolerance policy for fights.  Suspension of all parties involved in a fight maybe for 1-4 weeks.
  • We maintain a smoke-free environment. Please refrain from smoking or vaping while on campus.

    Questions?  Contact church office at 918-224-0300.